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Here's the Oracle's Palace, in the river in the center of Ekhander. Rev has to escape from here, poor kid. The crocodiles are not shown (do you suppose the guy in the boat has made a deal with them?)!

And here is a map of Ekhander, the city central to the action in Trollen Rose.

Here's a map of the central region of my world. My novel Desert Mage is set in the Sleth-hue desert, to the SE. Drifter Mage takes place N of that, past Thehar. My new novel, Trollen Rose, takes place in and around the city of Ekhander, in the far west (actually a couple continents away). I worked on plate tectonics as best I could to figure where the mountains would be, and tried to work how the rivers would come down out of the mountains, and generally had a lot of fun! ;->

And here's the next map, of the eastern region of Sinnesemota. Disk of Dragons takes place to the far west of the map, from Shendasan to Khav.
And here's an image of the town of Zhopahr, from Disk of Dragons, as Rev and Dan Zee first entered the town from the east. The gate is broken down. They take on the task of fixing it later. The sign for Jaunt's End is just visible on the right, above the boardwalk.

The Saga of Sinnesemota

The Saga of Sinnesemota tells of the struggles of Rev Caern, a young thief from the remote mountain city of Shendasan, as he struggles to bring peace and justice to the world.

The story consists of nine books, beginning with Disk of Dragons, as Rev faces growing troubles and strange adventures. Most terrible of all, of course, he must grow up, in ways he never expected.

Rev is joined by many friends: from his love, Stara Romasai, a half-elven outcast with angelic wings who must become a leader of people, to the orcen Dan Zee, faithful and stout of heart, to the enigmatic Elder Fu and Yarrow, with their hidden goals.

But Rev's enemies quickly learn who he is, and hunger for the powers he is learning to command. He comes even to the attention of the Cabalmaster, lord of the Vampyren, and the Hand herself, ruler of those who follow Thana, the Goddess of Death.

I hope you will join me in this journey, as Rev learns the meaning of love, and loss, and seeks a purpose beyond himself.

         The World of Sinnesemota

This world consists of the several known, inhabited continents and various islands of varying size. It ranges in climate from icy steppes to lowland jungles to barren mountain terrain. Regions of wild magic contrast with settled lands, but many regions are simply unknown, filled with terrible beasts, fearsome clans, and strange, lone travelers.

Too often, even the civilized peoples do not get along.

Now war has come, with great armies sweeping out from the far east. They threaten those fragile kingdoms that remain after the collapse of Sinnesemota, an ancient empire legendary for justice, which itself grew up to battle the vampyren, who prey on all, mortal and immortal, as they might on cattle.

In their fear and suffering, people look for a leader to stand against the tide of war, and bring back those days of peace.

Time Calculations in Sinnesemota

          B = Before the Founding of Sinnesemota.

          S = During the Reign of Sinnesemota.

          A = After the Fall of Sinnesemota.

         Months of the year, their rough equivalent in our world, and tasks often associated with them:

         Dragonmoon     - January - story telling

         Elvenmoon      - February - mending

         Dwarvenmoon    - March - fencing/plowing

         Goblenmoon     - April - preparing the fields/planting

         Trollenmoon    - May - planting/herds to summer homes.

         Wolfenmoon     - June - weeding/scarecrow

         Gnomenmoon     - July - haying

         Orcenmoon      - August - watering

         Vampyrenmoon   - September - harvesting/herds to winter home

         Humanmoon      - October - harvesting

         Delphinmoon    - November - market

         Helminmoon     - December - butchering

         After the last month is a holiday, before the next year begins:

 Layal Days     - 5 day celebration at year's end.

         Days of the week, the Gods associated with each, and the tasks generally accomplished on these days:

         Elladay        - Elha, the Mother.  Day of rest and visiting.

         Lunsday        - Luwana, love and insight.  Washing/laundry.  Day of Worship.

        Thasday        - Thana, death and submission. Day of ironing/mending/sewing.

        Vosday         - Vos, making and rebuilding. Repairs.

        Arsday         - Ars, war, power, destruction, chaos.  Cleaning.

        Akiday         - Aquil, sun, will, growth.  Market/shopping

       Sennaday       - Sinnesemota, peace. Cooking/baking.

       Specific holidays:

       Last Night. 2nd to last day in the Layal Days. Observed only by White-Sashers.

      New Year's Day. Vosday. Final Layal Day. Not a part of Dragonmoon.

      GreeningDay - spring festival of the return of spring. First of Dwarvenmoon.

      Midsummer's Day - Summer festival of the first fruits First of Gnomenmoon.

      HarvestDay - Fall festival of the harvest. First of Humanmoon.

The beginnings of Sinnesemota, from The Histories of Teren: The Age of Legend.

In the great depths of time, all was One in the love of the High God Elho, Who is also the High Goddess Elha, Two in One.

But awareness came upon the other Gods, that They were separate and alone. And as They wandered in darkness and silence, a yearning arose for purpose.

Luwana thought to express Her love for Elho Who is Elha, and out of her Love grew a sphere in the darkness, a world upon which She could walk. So we know Her as the Goddess of Love, and Goddess of our world.

Aquil joined her, and light came upon this place so that Aquil became God of Light. They wedded in this place of beauty.

Luwana forsook the heavens to wander this world of sounds and beauty, where earth and water mingled and the winds sang eternally of Her beauty. Through Her Love, life sprang up in myriad forms. For life is love.

The hills grew green and the plains fertile. In those days Vos the Maker, first of the Gods of Order and Her elder brother, made many items of beauty for this world, and so we have mountains and cliffs, rivers and waterfalls.

But Luwana angered Thana the Silent, by fashioning birds from the wind, birds with songs of beauty and wonder. Ever greedy, Thana demanded Her share of this paradise for Silence, but Luwana refused.

So They fought in the skies above the world. Luwana's might proved too great for Thana to withstand directly, and so Thana yielded. Yet when Luwana did not keep guard, then did Thana come up to stab Her sister from behind with a claw of Her hand.

Where Luwana fell, a mighty Rift opened in the land, and Her blood flowed over the stones, filling the world that she had loved with magic and power.

Aquil the Eagle rushed to be with Her, but Luwana's life blood spread across the land. In this way Thana became the Goddess of Death. To this day, Thana hates all birds except the carrion crows, who do not sing but croak as they quarrel over the dead.

Aquil took the body of his beloved wife and placed it in the sky, where She would be the moon of this world, ever waxing and waning. As God of the Sun, monthly He is able to be with Her under the earth, and from this She takes strength and waxes until She is full and They reign over the sky together, one in night and one in day. But always She is weakened by being away from Him and so fades in size and beauty again until the night is dark. So She returns to Him.

In this way we have the months of this world.

Meanwhile Thana fled that place and hid Herself. For Death may never be seen directly, but sails as a shadow in the night, always opposite Aquil, who would destroy Her if He could catch Her. She is known by the shadow She casts upon the stars as She drifts in the sky.

Thana delights above all in drinking the life of the Children of Luwana, though Death has no hold over them in the end, for in dying they pass beyond Her power, and go to lands we know not of, though each death yields power to Her.

Therefore She especially hates the vampyren, who as they drain life do not release their victims to Her, but hold the souls to give themselves energy, and so deny Thana Her due.

On occasion, the Shadow of Thana falls across Luwana in the night, and then Luwana must fight once again, and in this eclipse the blood of the world is visible, and horrors writhe across the shadowed lands, and fear is boundless.

More rarely, when at Her strongest, Luwana mates with Aquil during the day, and then He goes to Her, and His light no longer falls upon Her Children, though it be the zenith of the day. At these times, the Goddess of Shadow, Thana, is most powerful, a Darkness in the twilight as these two Gods of Order love each other. So we fear this time above all others.

Yet it is said whenever an eclipse happens, another dragon is born to honor and serve Luwana.

To ensure that neither Thana, nor any God of Chaos, might benefit from Her evil deed, nor from the power of Luwana's Blood, Vos the Maker created a Veil between the Other Side and this mortal world, across which even the Gods cannot cross, and so this world is left to its own devices, alone in the universe.

But the Veil is not perfect. It has no power against the Heart of the Goddess, which remains in this world. And the Veil is also weak in the place where Luwana fell, and there a Rift remains...

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