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I am a novelist and poet.

My Saga of Sinnesemota series features epic fa
ntasy novels with a spiritual bent, set in a world ravaged by war. In the most recent, Call of the Labyrinth, Rev and his fiancee Stara seek a Labyrinth lost in a mysterious jungle, hoping to use its magical power to reestablish the peaceful empire of Sinnesemota.  Disk of Dragons and Trollen Rose are the first two epic fantasies in that series.

My Western Mage series presents two fast-paced weird westerns, Drifter Mage and Desert Mage, in which cowboy heroes battle cunning monsters.

I also write a wide range of poetry, in formal, free verse, and haiku forms. My work has appeared in many magazines, ranging from formal work (in The Threepenny ReviewMeasure, etc.) to free verse (The Evansville Review and The North American Review) to haiku (Modern Haiku, Frogpond and Mayfly), to speculative (Asimov's and Strange Horizons).
My poetry book, Against The Night, details a long love story with poems that are sometimes sweet, sometimes fun, and occasionally a little bit sexy. The book
details the ups and downs of a long love's journey, the passions, the struggles, and the comfort two people find in each other.
It can be ordered on Amazon at Against The Night.

In my latest novel, Call of the Labyrinth, Rev and his fiancée Stara need magic to reestablish Sinnesemota, the long-lost empire empire of peace. Hunting power, they seek a mysterious Labyrinth hidden in a weird, dangerous jungle. But even if they reach the Labyrinth, can they outwit the vampyren who guards it and hungers to kill anyone who comes near?
It's for sale on Amazon at Call of the Labyrinth.

 In the previous novel in that series, Trollen Rose, Rev Caern seeks the Rose of Understanding, a magical artifact that will help him establish an empire of justice. But the Rose is hidden deep within a kingdom corrupted by slavers. Rev must defeat the slavers and find the Rose, but followers of Thana, the Goddess of Death, are closing in. This is the next novel in my Saga of Sinnesemota series.
It's for sale on Amazon at Trollen Rose.

In my first Saga of Sinnesemota book, Disk Of Dragons, demons hunt for poor Rev Caern, since evil mages think he can lead them to the Disk of Dragons, a magical artifact key to establishing an empire of justice. Rev flees home, only to be hired as sheriff of a small town, where he must catch a murderer and protect the townsfolk, including a beautiful girl with a mind of her own. Then the mages find out where he is. 
It's for sale on Amazon at 
Disk of Dragons

In my western fantasy 
Drifter Mage, Arch Compher find himself involved with a wagon-load of pilgrims seeking to free their child from slavers and escape to a home in the Wilderlands. Before their journey is over, Arch must foil not only the murderous slavers, but also the evil spells of the deadliest elven of them all.
It's for sale on Amazon at Drifter Mage.

Desert Mage is also a fantasy novel in the spirit of the Old West. Doge Compher rides into trouble to help a child who needs saving. He'll need every bit of his formidable skill, because his enemies intend to sacrifice the child he has sworn to protect. To succeed, he must survive a desert filled with nasty surprises. Worse, his allies have betrayal on their minds.
It's for sale on Amazon at Desert Mage.

PMF (pronounced Peter) and Bogart
Contact me at PMFJohnson@pmfjohnson.com
Follow me on Twitter at @PMFJohnson1
Find my Author Page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pmfjohnson1
Read my poetry blog (on other people's poems) at PoetryCommentary.Wordpress.com

I write on my own and in collaboration with my wife, Sandra Rector.  Her web site is at SandraRector.com
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